The philosophy of the Spinology

To be short about the philosophy of Spinology, which can be explained simply as a way study the life in human body and how the nature gives this life to the body. In Spinology inductive method, which is the main purpose to gather as many facts as possible before to make any serious assessment that could explain the problem, which a client may have because of some reason. The main purpose of sinology is to study the body when there is life inside, in alive body, not when its gone as the medical doctors usually do. By studying dead corps will not lead to better understanding the inner wisdom of the body that, according to spinology , is responsible for the proper functionality. The main study spinology is to find better way for wellness of the health and better functionality of the body that will minimise the risk of the death, but not study of the death as Western traditional medicine suggest to do. the actual of spinology is find proper connection between brain and body by helping human body to eliminate the spinal occlusion that can cause such eventual disconnection. With other words spinology gives you opportunity to take care of body and be connected with a nature, which is very important thing in human existence and which many people have forgotten.

My first impression of Spinology


I would like to introduce my first impression of the Spinology and its philosophy after my reading of the introduction. First of all, I would like to introduce the history of the creation of Spinology, because some people who familiar to this profession will connect it to some similiar ones, like chiropractic, osteopathy and/or therapy. The matter of fact, the roots of Spinology goes back to the 1985, David Daniel Palmer founded the profession of chiropractic and his theory was based on well functionality of the spine that should help a person to recuperate and prevent disease. According to him, the main cause of disease and suffering was in the spine. However, the first figure who created the path will lead to the creation of Spinology was Barlett Joshua Palmer 1881 – 1961 and who is considered by many chiropractors ans spynologists as the promoter of the chiropractic. He was actually person who created the philosophy of the profession and started the first school of chiropractic in the world. He was the person who scientifically proofed to the medical world about negative repercussion on the organism that caused by having the spine misaligned. The term ”subluxation” was born and introduced to the medical world and is still used by the majority of chiropractors. His bibliography that sums 25 books has been known as ”Green Books”. However, the profession of chiropractor was prohibited in the US territory. Despite of this fact the number of chiropractors was growing and soon different were also emerging with different lines of thought and techniques.

The person who actually created the spinology was Reginald R. Gold D.C. was also known as Reggie, has graduated at Palmer in 1958. 1972 he was responsible for the area of philosophy of the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in South Carolina. He was also a leader of noun therapeutically focused chiropractic. However, because of the political reasons Reggie Gold decided to abandon Sherman and open ADIO Institute of Straight chiropractic in Levittown, Pennsylvania, which he directed himself. After couple years he was diced to start a new profession that, according to him, will stay away from therapeutic and focusing on spine as the exclusive scope of practice, with a philosophy that will serve the human wellness. This profession was called Spinology. The Philadelphia Spinal Tutorium was opened in the northeast area of Philadelphia. The first class included 12 students, which expanded later to 300 students, gathering people from different parts of the world.

Sinology came to Spain in 1981 and the first Spinology center in In Spain has opened in Valencia that year. However, it was called itself Biospinology because of semantic reasons and also reasons for the necessary separation of professions that existed at the time.

In Ireland, the spinology was introduced in 1983. The European School of Spinology was started in 1984, and then under the name of ”Valencia Biospinology Tutorium”. The center of Spinology in Spain still exist in Valencia and teaching new students who want to get a profession that will help other people to improve their own healing process by getting their spines to stay way from being misaligned that usually cause the spinal occlusion, and therefore eventual health problems.

The history of spinology shows the unique process of the creation of the profession that follows the goal to help people even if the policy of some governments in countries like in USA is stop such idea, since they are doing to support medical doctors at any prise. And this prise highly valued since we are talking about the human life that were put in danger.